What Are Binary Indicators?

For carrying out a successful trading activity with binary options traders use some auxiliary tools. There is a set of indicators of technical analysis rendering influence on adoption of decisions by traders in various levels.

Indicators of binary options represent a graphic representation of several statistical and mathematical functions giving traders easily interpreted information.

The beginning traders quite often use this or that indicator and are not interested in the theory at all – the mathematical principle of generation of this signal. It is serious miscalculation. Without profound understanding of theoretical reasons for the technical analysis it is impossible to estimate its results authentically. Now the number of indicators for an assessment of binary options is estimated in several tens; however, professional traders in majority prefer to use just three-five types. This quantity is considered sufficient for forming of competitive strategy of trade. The beginners who made sufficient efforts for studying of theoretical reasons usually come to the same number of indicators.

The set of the main used indicators depends, first of all, on the psychological characteristic of the trader preferring binary options short-term or long-term trade.